A boutique hotel, like its name, can make you feel designer! Essentially, a boutique hotel is luxurious and elaborate and offers ultra-personal service. Unlike other chain hotels, a luxury boutique hotel will primarily uphold its local culture. 

There is some noticeable difference between chain hotels and boutique hotels. All travelers wanting to experience the authentic culture of a new place may prefer a boutique hotel accommodation to feel a personal touch with their surroundings. 


Some Special Features Of A Boutique Luxury Hotel:

  • The hotel owners will maintain the surrounding areas so that it is pristine, appealing, and tailored to match the ethics of the hotel. 
  • Some owners may source local food to give visitors a taste of the town's culture and traditions. 
  • This may also include sourcing other items such as flowers and clothing.
  • The hotel's interiors are classy and upscale, with enough historical details. 
  • You may not find fifty or a hundred rooms like a general hotel, but a boutique hotel will have around 10 to 15 quality rooms. 

Royal Service with Personal Care 

A boutique hotel cannot afford to neglect the personal, individualized care and service to its guests. To survive, the hotel can employ polite and well-mannered staff. The trained staff will treat every guest like royalty and make them feel well-cared. You may find customized amenities and even similar toiletries. The hotel manager will arrange an exclusive welcome ritual with flowers and a local drink when the guest's check in.  

The Emphasis on Local Culture 

Staying true to their heritage and land culture, a luxury hotel in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, will set up everything accordingly. Right from the room decor to the delectable cuisine, you can catch a glimpse of the local culture. You may find the hotel corridors lined up with beautiful local paintings and olden drawings. 

More Unique than Chain Hotels

These superior features and customer-centric approach makes every boutique hotel considerably more popular than the chain hotels. Boutique hotels are like designer clothes; there is something unique about every one of them. Chain hotels can offer you impersonal service limited to a few common features complying with the standard hotel rules and regulations.  

Owners often provide free tours for guests to the marketplace or the local attraction hotspot. Boutique hotels can offer fun themes such as a hunting expedition in the nearby wooded forest land. The key lies in the perfect execution of services. Their main goal will be to provide genuine, flawless, and caring service.  

Laloon Luxury Suites is a quaint boutique luxury hotel set in the middle of Santa Teresa with a mesmerizing oceanic view, lush green surroundings, and dense forest beauty teeming with wildlife. You can feel one with nature and get all the privacy you crave away from bustling city life. The location of this wonderful luxury hotel in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, can be the most desirable spot for your family vacation this year.