In these days of rapid application development and installation, it is only natural for developers to seek a system that can cut the time for database deployment. Indeed, it is not just deployment, but development and deployment. Needless to say, applications are data–hungry entities. They depend on data to generate answers to queries. However, database development from scratch is time-consuming. Indeed, if you are still in the old–school of database development, you may defeat the entire purpose of rapid application development and deployment. You need to rise to the occasion and adopt the new school of rapid database development.


Online Database Development


Yes, it is indeed possible to develop databases online using credentials of existing or legacy databases. Indeed, online database development is something of reverse engineering. They offer features like export data model which help to load legacy data models into another app. You don’t need to recreate the tables and engage in data associations anew. You can do these from your legacy app. You can do all these online, and don’t need to write any code. 


Indeed, there are times when different apps are engaged in different functions, but they borrow the same data. So, you need different databases for different applications, but the contents of the databases, their data tables, data models, etc are all the same.


In terms of old-school database development, you need to develop a new database for every application. This would require making tables and developing data models and data associations. 


Online Database Development Systems 


Needless to say, the old school of database development offers a tardy pace and is not in resonance with the speed of application deployment in modern days. Online database development, on the other hand, offers a fast pace and is congruent to rapid application development. A feature like the export data model can be quite effective in importing the data model or the data associations from legacy apps.


Such features can save a whole lot of time for developers. There are several other features in these online database development tools. 


Basic Advantages Of Online Systems


Online tools offer some basic advantages to application developers. They offer a fast pace to application deployment by cutting down on the time required for database development. You don’t need to write any code for developing a new database. Everything is done online, and you can develop an entirely new database online without using any coding. 


The Sum Up


The data model is one of the most important factors in developing a database. However, developing it can be tiresome and time-consuming. The export data model feature in online database development tools can be quite handy in this respect. You just need to make sure that you are using the right tool. 


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