The pleasant feeling when you open a packet of freshly roasted and aromatic coffee beans cannot be put in words. Roasted coffee beans' fragrance can soothe your soul and give you a sensory rush like no other. Freshly roasted coffee beans can be a much better alternative to those coffee bags that have sat for months on grocery shelves.

The Making of Coffee Beans

Coffee plants are usually grown in tropical climates. coffee plants produce a kind of cherries that give coffee seeds. these seeds are processed into green coffee beans. The beans are then transported all over the world. When the beans are kept in a safe and climate-controlled environment, they may last for several months. these green beans are then roasted to a brown colour, cooled, and carefully packaged into bags. The roasted beans are then ready for your consumption.

The Process of Roasting Coffee Beans

Raw green-coloured coffee seeds are roasted into earthy brown coffee beans. they are sent to different coffee shops and grocery shops. During the coffee seeds' roasting process, many chemical reactions occur to create fresh aromatic coffee compounds.

The Ageing of Coffee Beans

The brown beans after they are fully roasted, are kept on cooling shelves. The beans are left to settle down and cool for a few days before they can be brewed or consumed. The best time to brew coffee is between 2 to 14 days after the date of roasting when the beans are at their height of freshness. it is also the time when the coffee flavours and aroma is at their peak. 

Fading Aroma & Flavour After the Peak Period

After this peak period, as gases continue to escape from the roasted beans, the flavours also start to fade. Coffee beans may stay fresh longer than ready-made ground coffee. an unopened pack of coffee beans may last for almost nine months. After the pack is opened, you may expect the beans to taste reasonably good for almost six months. You can mask the stale taste of old coffee beans by throwing in some spices or vanilla extracts along with the beans.

Ways to Keep the Coffee Pods Fresh

  • You can keep the beans in a dark and cool place
  • You should keep it away from hot kitchen surfaces (near the oven)
  • You should also avoid keeping it under direct sunlight spots
  • You may remove the retail packaging and store the beans in airtight containers
  • You can even freeze them as frozen coffee beans may last up to 2 years

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