Dental emergencies are often associated with pain and distress. They would often pop up unexpectedly, leaving people needing immediate attention, alleviating the discomfort and preventing greater complications. In these instances, it becomes essential to identify the possible signs warranting a call to the emergency dentist in Tampines. Instant action makes a notable difference in preserving oral health and preventing future consequences.

The following are a few notable signs indicating that it is time to search for emergency dental care:

Serious Tooth Pain

You should always take the intense, persistent tooth pain affecting your ability to perform your daily activities and is never relieved by any over-the-counter pain medications. It even indicates a serious infection, abscess, or even tooth decay. Ignoring this pain leads to serious complications like damage surrounding the tissues and teeth or spreading infections.

A Fallen Tooth

Whenever the tooth is knocked out entirely due to any injury or accident, it is vital to take instant action. There are better chances of saving your tooth being the highest in the initial few hours after it gets knocked out. Rinsing the tooth with water and avoiding removing or scrubbing any tissue fragments are some of the best measures.

Try placing your tooth back in the socket, ensuring it is angled correctly. You can even store them in a tooth preservation kit or milk and look for immediate attention from the emergency dentist in Tampines.

Dislodged Or Loose Tooth

The tooth has become dislodged or loose, often due to trauma, and should never be ignored. It indicates that the surrounding tissues or any underlying tooth injuries. Get in touch with the best dentist to properly evaluate your condition. Also, try repositioning the tooth back into its original position using the light pressure of your fingers; however, refrain from using much force.

Cracked or Broken Tooth

Chipped, cracked, or fractured teeth are considered a typical dental emergency. They occur due to mishaps, biting onto a harder object, or underlying dental conditions. The broken tooth is extremely painful, and the sharper edges cause significant damage to your lips, cheeks, or tongue. You can rinse your mouth with warm water, apply cold compresses to reduce swelling and contact an emergency dentist in Tampines for an immediate mode of treatment.

An Oral Injury Or Abnormal Bleeding

Any oral injury that causes a lot of bleeding or damage imposed onto the soft tissues like lips, tongue, or gums calls for immediate attention. Applying gentle pressure to the area where bleeding occurs allows you to use a gauze or a clean cloth to control the bleeding. If the bleeding continues and is associated with serious pain, opting for instant dental care is important to prevent more complications.

Abscess Or Swelling

Swelling in the gums, face, or around the tooth is often associated with pain as it is a potential sign of an infection or an abscess. These dental abscesses are the pockets filled with pus forming in the teeth or gyms and are primarily caused by bacterial infections. These would require immediate attention, leading to serious complications when left untreated.

Damaged Dental Restoration

The underlying tooth is exposed to further infections or damage whenever the crown, dental restoration, or filling falls or breaks down. Try keeping this restoration whenever possible and contacting the emergency dentists to schedule the appointment sooner.


Whenever you are dealing with dental emergencies, it is vital to contact a reputable emergency dentist in Tampines immediately. Several dental practices have greater provisions for emergencies offering the right guidance or care at all times of the day and night.