Chrysalis Centre For Child's Early Learning has a wide range of classes and programs for children. They offer classes in art, music, language and literacy, as well as summer camp fun. The children are taught through engaging play-based learning methods that foster student-centred learning. Their fun and friendly atmosphere encompasses the kids and their teachers. The children can see that their teachers have classroom skills that they can use in real-life situations. They teach students to think, communicate, read, write, listen and work cooperatively. Most of their products are based on Alexander's philosophy of learning: "Learn the art of teaching before you learn the art of learning.

Perks That Chrysalis Centre Provides

1. Play-based Learning

Chrysalis Centre For Child's Early Learning experience includes two types of learning: play and adult-directed learning. Adult-directed teaching is focused on teaching specific skills, concepts and information. Play-based learning is focused on the children's interests and learns through their natural curiosity, self-expression and interests. The Center combines both types of learning because children are interested in play-based learning (playing with friends) and adult-directed learning (learning how to read).

2. Dedicated Teachers

Teachers at Chrysalis Centre For Child's Early Learning are committed to teaching students through play-based learning. They are approachable and can be contacted easily on their cell phone number. They take the time to answer the children's questions and give them time to practice and explore new ideas on their own. Students often feel very comfortable around teachers because they know that they can learn from them in a fun way. 

3. The Best Facility

The Chrysalis Centre For Child's Early Learning facility supports adult-directed and play-based learning. Students can see the teachers easily as they walk around the classroom. There is plenty of space for them to walk around and move freely from one activity to another. Various types of toys keep the children occupied and engaged in their learning. The teachers know when to move from one activity to another. They can also teach students where they can play with a particular toy or give them individual attention and show them what they need or want to learn.

4. Positive Atmosphere

A positive atmosphere can be created in the classroom by participating in uplifting activities that help students feel confident about themselves and others around them. The Chrysalis Centre For Child's Early Learning teachers can interact with the children by asking them questions, reading, and having tea parties. The children are engaged in learning because they know the teachers like them and want to interact with them. They have fun at the same time they are learning.


Chrysalis Centre is the best place to teach children through play-based learning. Children are easily engaged and learn at the same time they are having fun. The teachers are committed to giving the children the best learning experience in a fun, friendly, safe environment. The teachers have skills that enable them to teach their students through various fun games and activities that capture the student's attention.