Visiting a rehab addiction center in California for the first time can often be quite intimidating. Even with you wanting to quit an addiction, going to rehab can make you feel nervous, especially if you do not know what to expect. However, this blog can help you overcome that feeling. Here you will learn about some of the common features of a rehab program so that you can prep your mind.

Types of Rehab Centers

The first thing you might want to get a clear idea of is the different types of rehab centers. Although it is the mental health professional who will decide which kind suits your circumstances the best, having a fair idea of what you should be expecting can put your mind to ease.

  1. Long-Term Residential Treatment:

These sessions are usually conducted in a residential setting, compared to the hospitals you might commonly know of. It offers 24-hour care, and each session can last from 6 to 12 months, based on your dependency.

It involves socialization with other residents and the staff as an important part of the treatment. Other than that, there are individualized and group therapy sessions and certain other educational programs on addiction, mental health, and more.

  1. Short-Term Residential Treatment:

This is quite similar to the aforementioned type of therapy, the only difference being how long the patient might have to stay. This process often follows the 12-step approach to addiction recovery. It was first implemented for people who had alcohol use disorders.

However, now it is also used for many other types of substance use disorders. They usually last from 3 to 6 weeks and are followed by support groups or outpatient therapy.

  1. Outpatient Treatment:

Another quite common treatment includes outpatient treatment. In this, you will not have to move out of your house but will have to attend the treatment center regularly. Outpatient treatments are usually what follows once you have successfully quite.

These help the patient get back to their normal life and reduce the risks of relapse. Most programs in this treatment are similar to residential treatments, like educational courses, therapy sessions, and more. The only difference between residential treatment and this is that you will not have to live in the treatment center.

Each of these kinds of therapies is aimed at making you free from substance or alcohol abuse without hampering the quality of your life. Nevertheless, how effective the therapy mainly depends on the treatment center you choose to visit.

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