In the present eCommerce scenario, the database is ever-changing. Moreover, it stores a humongous array of data. However, data is continuously changing in type and value. You need access to real-time data to analyze and devise better ways of targeting customers and understanding customer behavior. This means you need something to build databases rapidly and modify the tables. There are online data modeling solutions that can help you develop a new database online.

ALTER Script

ALTER Scripts allow us to modify the structure of existing database tables by addition, modification, dropping of columns, renaming, of columns, renaming constraints, etc. You can add columns, delete columns, rename columns, and even change the data type of individual columns using ALTER script. This means that if you have the ALTER scripts, you don’t need much time developing a new database. Yet, this is the stage that consumes time. You need to write tons of code to develop ALTER script.

In an online database development scenario, you can create ALTER scripts without any coding. Cloud-native data warehouse platforms can make this happen. Some tools can create ALTER scripts and make new tables. You can compare SQL changes and make sure that there are no errors. Since finding errors can take up a lot of time in developing a database, comparing SQL changes can be a very efficient tool for developers. 

There are online tools that can generate ALTER scripts from legacy databases. This can be very helpful in developing databases rapidly. With the help of the compare SQL feature, you can make sure that there are no errors in the statements. You can create databases without writing any code. You can import old scripts, produce fresh SQL scripts, and build data models online.

Compare SQL Changes

Compare SQL Changes is a very useful feature in the online tool. This can help you deploy changes seamlessly. The majority of businesses use SQL-compare features. This can help to create flawless deployment scripts.


You cannot do without an eCommerce store. Indeed, an eCommerce store is an inalienable part of your business. However, a proper eCommerce store is not an end in itself; it can be a means to earn more business if you have the right technology to harness data. Ecommerce stores are overflowing with structured and unstructured data. If you want to get an insight into customers and their behavior and buying patterns, analysis of this tome of data can be very useful. However, this also means that you need to develop databases more frequently otherwise your data analysis team will deal with old data that might throw incorrect results. This is where an online database development tool can be quite helpful since you need to not write any code for developing a new database. 

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