If you know a bit about sales and marketing, then you must have heard of HubSpot’s Sales Hub, which is equipped with several intricate sales tools and functionalities which can be ideal for building effective business strategies. Apart from that, the HubSpot sales hub will allow you to create various unique data analytics and detailed reports about your engagements. This will help your marketing and sales team, to be on the same page, and they can be able to collaborate with each other. To give you a better idea about the sale hub let's discuss some of its essential features.

Sales Analytics and Reporting

One of the most intriguing functionalities of the HubSpot sales hubs is that it allows you to integrate all your data under a single roof. This has to get complete transparency to your several day-to-day marketing and sales operations in your company  Therefore with the help of this feature your marketing and sales team can easily create reports, predict forecasts, and help you to keep an eye on every activity happening inside yourself sales pipeline.

Contact/Lead Management

With integrated lead management, Sales Hub allows you to see all the information on your leads in one place. It also has integrated emails and calendars which can improve your form fill-out rates by making it easy for prospects to talk to you when they are ready. A recent study has found that reaching out to prospects within an hour of their submission, can result in a 10x increase in their qualification rates. Moreover, you can also be able to categorize your contacts depending on your CRM data which will help you to score your leads.

Sales Automation

Through the automated sales process, your team can interact with the required prospects in a more straightforward way, which is by sending them follow-ups and personalized emails. With this feature, your team can automatically collect information about their potential customers from different sources like LinkedIn profiles. Also, it allows them to create templates for communication with prospective customers or clients. In addition, they can edit content as well as review suggestions for improvement before publishing them to their prospects.  One thing is for sure with this feature is that your team will never miss a lead.

Account-Based Marketing

When you're selling online, there's a lot you have to take into account. Of course, your usual metrics and objectives are vital, but they also need to include the platform itself. For example, in the case of HubSpot Sales Hub, it should show up on your dashboards so that you can easily track which accounts are doing well and which ones are not. And this is only one example; you might want some other metrics or objectives as well.

No matter what industry you're in, it is critical to have data to evaluate performance and drive your sales efforts forward. HubSpot Sales Hub helps you do just that by pulling all interactions related to your customers and their purchases to one central location. It's a program made especially for those in sales and is equipped with some of the best features when it comes to account-based marketing.

Final Thoughts

Talk about efficiency! The Sales Hub of HubSpot is indeed a great platform to help salespeople automate the sales process. Additionally, it boasts a feature-rich layout that you can use intuitively. However, just like any other selling system, this app will not work as well if you don't have the right people to back you up. If you don't have much knowledge about this platform you can always go for professional HubSpot marketing services, as they will have the necessary knowledge to guide you through the process.