Wall to wall carpets has nowadays made a comeback. For quite a while this type of carpet was seen as an outdated form of flooring. Instead of carpets people installed hard flooring and area rugs.

It has been found though, that carpeting is very aesthetic and inexpensive. Plus, it is also a pleasant way to save energy. It is critical to find out that energy conservation efforts take on all different modes including flooring options. Wall to wall carpet covers your floor absolutely from one end of the room to the other with no gaps or areas that, stay uncovered. This helps the room stay warm during the winter months.

Eco Friendly Carpet

The great part is that wall-to-wall carpets come in quite environmentally friendly models. Some of these types of carpets are produced from a host of recyclables including old soda bottles and even tires.

The recyclable materials are shredded to within bare millimeters of their pre recycle size. The shredded material is melted and treated. Then formed into long spools of thread which are afterward designed into carpet fibers by being cut down to size.

The process leads to some truly amazing-looking carpet, that is not only nice for the home but is also suited to the environment. This type of carpet is hypoallergenic, and mostly free from developing mold, and different harmful airborne spores that are generally associated with wall to wall carpet.

It is altogether unnoticeable with this kind of carpet that any recyclables were used in the manufacturing. The carpet just resembles a well-designed carpet. You may be kind to the environment while getting a stunningly beautiful floor for your home.


These carpets are so aesthetically pleasing. You will come across a wide array of colors and patterns to choose from, a perfect match for literally any décor is available. A simple net search will lead you to a vast selection of options.


You can purchase wall to wall carpets from a specialist carpet dealer. All the good stores that sell carpets will surely carry this type of carpet. Usually, it is advised that the carpet is professionally installed.

Generally, this carpet may be installed in less than a day based largely on the area that is going to be carpeted.

The Final Word

There are so many useful benefits to whole floor carpets that were ignored for some years in favor of hardwood flooring. Anyhow today they have turned into one of the more popular flooring options. To say in short, getting carpet installation done is so much easy and more cost effective than installing hardwood as well.