Before you take a German shepherd, make sure you can afford it. The life strength of the is 10 to 12 years. You can start searching from the local animal shelter as it will save time and money. But make sure that the source is an authentic one.

Getting a 100% black German shepherd is a rare thing. It comes from two parents who are of the same colour. Due to this rarity, you can expect its price to be a little high than others. However, when approaching a reputable breeder, they will have no issue showing the parents and giving details of the little one.

How to Care for a Black Shepherd?

You can get a suitable idea of the care of the breed from its breeder. The difficulty of caring for a dog depends on its coat, shedding period and health problems. Even when a Black shepherd is big, it needs low maintenance. Try to know the correct grooming schedule of the pet to take care of them properly.

The length of its coat determines the time you need to brush its coat. You can maintain a pet’s long hair if you comb it once daily. Routine haircuts and general cleaning can help to keep your pet in good condition.

So, the German shepherd loves to be with a highly active family. A sedentary lifestyle doesn’t work for this breed as they love to play, learn, and be part of their master.

Is German Shepherd a Bit Pricey?

The black German shepherd puppies tend to be a little high as it is a rare breed. It costs more if they live for a long and have a luxurious coat. A standard puppy can be $300 to $900, the black shepherd may be available for $700 to $ 2000.

Look for a Responsible Breeder

When buying a puppy, try to look for a reliable breeder. You can go by the recommendation of friends, veterinarians, and local breed contacts or professionals. You can also pick the right option from dog shows and search for a reliable breeder online.

The breeder should be responsible. You have to ask questions to find out whether the puppy will be a perfect match for you. On the first meet, ensure that the breeder details how they have raised the puppy. You should also ask the puppy's parents to know their breed better. This is how you can inspect the health of the parents and the little ones before buying them.

If you are searching for your dream puppy online, Camlist is the one. Look for black German shepherd puppies price and compare them with others to avoid overpaying. This is where you should look for a reliable source to get puppies.