Viton often referred to as a "universal o-ring" in the sealing industry, has unparalleled heat, chemicals, and pressure resilience, making it ideal for various medical settings. These distinguishing features of Viton make it an excellent option for high-end sealing applications, placing it ahead of other sealing materials.

A Rubber O-Ring: What Is It?

There are static and dynamic uses for the rubber O ring, a mechanical gasket in the form of a torus or donut that is utilized when there is relative motion between components and the risk of friction. Viton O-Rings are advantageous because of their cheap production cost, high durability, resilience to pressure, and simple installation. Rubbers like nitrile, Viton, silicone, and others are used to construct these items.

The advantages of Viton will become clearer after reading about the practical applications of Viton o-rings in the medical field.

Able To Function Under Extreme Conditions

Sterilization is crucial to medical tools, equipment, and surgical devices. Before they can be used, they must be sanitized to remove bacteria or other potentially harmful microbes. High temperatures are often used to sterilize tools and equipment in healthcare facilities like hospitals and ambulatory surgical centres.

When it comes to the high temperatures required for sterilization, Viton O-rings are up to the task. Because of its strong heat resistance, the material may be used in temperatures from -20 degrees Celsius to +220 degrees Celsius (-5 degrees Fahrenheit to +428 degrees Fahrenheit).

In addition, it can withstand steam temperatures of up to +338°F (+170°C). VitonTM, unlike most elastomers, can withstand high temperatures while maintaining its good mechanical properties.

Viton seals last forever at temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit (205 degrees Celsius), and they last for 48 hours at 600 degrees Fahrenheit (316 degrees Celsius). Also, the resistance to oils and chemicals is mostly unaltered even when the temperature outside rises.

Strong Resistance to Chemicals

O-rings and other medical device seals are regularly subjected to corrosive substances that might otherwise eat through less resistant materials. Viton's chemical resistance is second to none, and it is especially useful in medical settings where these chemicals are present.

Because of this, Viton seals may be used in very demanding conditions without deteriorating. Viton seals are effective in keeping out the following chemicals and liquids:

  • Oils
  • Acids
  • Fluid silicones
  • Oxygen
  • Glucose
  • Nitrogen monoxide

Viton is superior to other sealing materials because of its high chemical resistance, which is particularly important for medical seals.

Resistance to Stress

Medical seals must be reliable even when subjected to extreme pressure. Amazingly resilient even when exposed to extreme pressure, Viton is a remarkable substance. This static seal is the gold standard because of its reliability and longevity. VitonTM O-rings maintain their springiness and suppleness even under extreme pressure.

When subjected to pressure, O-rings compress first, sealing well in either the radial or axial direction, making them ideal for use as radial static seals in pipes and cylinders and axial static seals in caps, plates, and flanges. When the pressure is turned up, it's distributed evenly in all directions, making a flawless seal.

Rubber O rings are one of the most basic yet essential precision mechanical parts for optimal product, equipment, and component performance. As novel methods and techniques are created, their popularity continues to rise. If you need Viton O-Rings, go no further than O-Rings West. Since 1996, O-Rings West has been a reliable source for high-quality O-rings and other custom-molded rubber products.