If you have been a part of the audiovisual industry for some time or are planning to do your next project, you will surely need the help of some known professionals. The most important addition to your team can be either an audiovisual integrator or an audiovisual consultant. In this blog, you will further learn about the job aspect of an audiovisual consultant and what you can expect from them. 

An audiovisual consultant is basically an independent representative and designer who will work directly with the end user, general contractor, or architect. Their main objective is to evaluate the client's requirements, design the AV needs and collect bids from different integrators for the installation. While AV consulting with different professional services can have different results, there are some basic responsibilities they take care of. 

Basic Responsibility Of An Audio Visual Video Consultant

Before Installation

The most important help you can get from an AV consultant here is finding the right bid packet. The bid packet essentially entails the customer's design needs as well as the AV integrator's ability to fulfil them. Every bid packet contains a few recommendations and practices. It might also include items like weight capacity. 

For instance, a 150 lb speaker can only be transported with equipment that can hold more than 200 lbs. any less can lead to extra stress on the rigging points, further leading to other complications. Once made, the AV consultant should distribute the bid packet to different integrators and ask them to submit their bids for the installation. Once all the bids are collected, the consultant will recommend the one that shines the most. 

During Installation

While the installation is going on, the AV consultant will always check in regularly with all the workers. Their main motive here is to ensure that the work is happening timely and efficiently. This is when the AV consultant will conduct spot checks to ensure that the plans noted in the bid packet are getting executed with proper attention. 

After Installation

Once the installation process is over, the AV consultant must commission the system and ensure everything is running fine. They will evaluate the system by guiding performance tests and rechecking the bid packet to ensure nothing has been left out. 

One great example of such a test can be the impetus test. This helps make sure that all the cables and wiring are done properly. There are also sound pressure level tests to ensure that all amplifiers and speakers can provide the required volume and output without any distortion. 

With such aid by your side, you will not have to worry about a thing. If you are looking for a reputable company for the same, CTSAV can be a great choice.